Issue #4 of Crud was published today. Although delicately put together and featuring an Alien Sex Fiend interview, #3 was lost in the post, and in them days we didn’t have computers to back things up, so when the originals went missing that was the whole issue up the swanny.
With a print run of 500 copies, we spent the day folding the six A4 sheets in half, making it a 24 page fanzine – with no staples! Couldn’t afford a stapler!
The front pic was drawn by old school mate Jon Zep, and those of you in ‘the know’ will recognise it as being similar to the Subhumans ‘Rats’ EP sleeve (without the vomit!).

Page 2 was the customary introduction, usually containing childish rubbish from myself all tapped out of a typewriter picked up from a Second Hand Shop in Colwyn Bay.
Crud 4 2

crud4 3

The zine featured an interview with The Scraps, a French thrash band (when I say thrash, I mean FUCKING A+ THRASH!!), who turned up in the UK on a badly organised tour. They played Colwyn Bay and Rhyl and ended up staying at The House of Crud (my 2 bedroomed flat) for a week. They had no money and I earned £70 a week working at the local Amusement Arcade, so those 6 or 7 days were a test of character!
crud 4 4

crud4 5

Fanzines were your main source of being in touch with the Underground scene. You could read sanitised interviews and reviews in Sounds and NME, but it was in zines you got to read about real stuff. I was always conscious of trying to avoid trudging down the well trodden paths of reviewing the same anarcho bands that appeared in EVERY OTHER fanzine. Although I did concede defeat one or two times.
crud4 6

As this zine was hastily put together due to the loss of #3, I lifted this two page article from a Leeds based Anarchist rag (can’t remember the name).
crud4 pies

crud4 macd

This was a Rudimentary Peni inspired doodle I did in school. Note: The message in the middle!
crud4 doodle

Crud4 collage

Well, it’s my fanzine, so I’ll include my own band 4Q, a centre spread feature… If only we were as good as our own hype… I’ll leave pages 12-13 out as it was all inane bullshit…
Crud 4Q1

Crud 4Q

The release of this issue was delayed by a couple of months due to the picture below. I went to collect the finished articles from my local printer and his assistant wouldn’t look at me. He eventually came out with the original, told me he didn’t want to be associated with such filth and threw it at me and threw me out of his shoppe… (He was obviously a Siouxsie fan!)..
My printer after this was a church going friend of the family..!!
Crud4 siouxsie

Funny looking back at our playlists of the time…
Crud4 playlists

Like every good tabloid, we had a Problem Page. Anti Eds was Edi Filmstar (of 4Q), although he wasn’t any longer involved with Crud, we carried on the tradition of solving readers’ problems…
crud4 problem

I don’t think I ever got advertising revenue, or freebies for that matter…
crud4 story

Engine were a bikers band from the Wirral. What they thought of this group of punks who often turned up at their shows I don’t know… But they were top class entertainment… Why ask Oi Polloi about the Proletarian State when you can interview Engine on the subject of eating dog poo…? Ha ha….
Crud4 Engine

More reviews… Albums and singles had a longer shelf life back then because ‘zines would take so long to come out…
Crud4 reviews

Met Italian hardcore band Negazoine just as they were leaving the UK after a tour (I think we saw them in Liverpool with Electro Hippies).
Crud4 Negazoine

Crud 4 ads

With the back page it became tradition to do a collage… Still do them today, but pasted to my fridge! Inspired by Winston Smith (who is that excellent artist associated with Dead Kennedys – check out the booklet that comes with ‘Plastic Surgery Disasters’ album)…
There was always a risk of cutting out pics of people in the local papers and pasting ‘Prick’ on their foreheads.. Ha ha…
crud4 back