A heavy rocker’s pub. Strangely enough 32 of them paid their £1.50’s to get in, which covered the band’s fuel costs & ensured they ate tomorrow, but then all but 6 of the punters left before 4Q got on stage!
Set list: Nein Werk, Video Party, VD, Not Now Not Never, 1984, Dope Fiend, LSD, Jerks, PMT, God Save The Queen, Systemisation.
The band (Cumi Pants, Neil Crud, Wayne The Bastard, Matt Vinyl) had to sleep in their tour bus (a VW caravanette), during the night Cumi got out for a piss with no shoes on (only socks) & stood in one of band’s earlier deposited pools of the stuff, which, with Matt’s supply of egg sarnies, made for a very smelly evening. The band left the next morning at 6.45 & headed for Manchester for a cooked breakfast before dossing around the shops selling copies of their Crud fanzine & playing football.