Saw That Voodoo play at The Bee Hotel in Rhyl, a bit of a dive of a place just by the train station, (we jumped the train from the Bay). Took my little tape recorder to bootleg the gig cos if I’m gonna take being a fanzine editor seriously then I need to support local bands and cover them. The band are from Llandudno and formed last year after MCM split. Andre Valero (bass,voc), Matt Davies (gtr,voc), Simon (drms), Julie (keys,voc), Sally (b.voc). Also feat Shaun Davies who later joined the marines. Influenced by B.A.D. and Spear of Destiny, two bands I don’t particularly rank highly, apart from SOD’s Liberator, which we slam dance ourselves into bruised oblivion on the Bistro dancefloor. Matt later formed Charlex Dexter Ward Experiment, and sadly died in 2002.