4Q playing Not Now Not Never at The Albion, Bangor 20.11.87

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I Hate TV
Not Now Not Never
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4Q Bangor
(from the Crud Diaries)
‘s 2nd visit to the Albion’s claustrophobic surroundings & Cumi’s 1st as a singer. I decided to put 4Q on 1st as it was Cumi’s debut gig as the cocky 16 year old twat had only rehearsed once with the band & that was the night before!
We had a new lease of life after a couple of disastrous gigs with Budgie at the helm, we were back to our old antics of jumping around, pulling ridiculous faces, & the old playing the guitar behind your head while picking your nose trick!
Cumi was naturally nervous at 1st but soon came out of his shell.
4Q Bangor2
There was a funny instance when Cumi was singing; ‘Fuck off Wayne you’re a stupid bastard.’ & got a huge greenie in the face for his troubles and then I barged sideways into Cumi who crashed into the drum kit then Wayne kicked Cumi back over. At last, we’ve found someone to kick around on stage!

NRG went through the motions, Paul and myself were knackered after a 100mph 4Q performance.

DESTROY BABYLON from Holyhead headlined the show, they used to be called ALTERNATIVE ATTACK & had a 7″ single out under that name. The drummer/singer was Spike Smith and he had played in ‘proper’ bands like the ENGLISH DOGS and SACRILEGE, so what someone of his stature was doing playing in the Albion was beyond me, but glad he did! The show was cut short when the landlord realized that Destroy Babylon had previously been banned from the venue, but not before they had given us a good half hour of Bad Brains covers!

One of 4Q’s roadies, who’s name I can’t remember got beaten up by members of The Bangor Warfare Squad (soccer hooligans) for protecting the band’s equipment & girlfriends in the van.

4Q Bangor3

A report of a recent gig at the Albion in Bangor on Friday Nov 20.
Headliners 4Q bewildered most people by going on 1st!  Sporting a new & offensive singer, they charged through a thunderous set of raw, loud & uncompromising brick wall punk.
They must be the most unashamed & manic band I have seen.
Heavy rockers NRG were next & the set consisted of AC/DC & Motorhead cover versions, which went down well with the punters but in my view was a bit unoriginal.
The main band, Destroy Babylon are natives of Holyhead & had to change their name tonight because they are already banned from the Albion.  They presented us with tight, fast thrash music & a reggae track thrown in for good measure.
For me 4Q were tonight's band & I suggest that anyone in 2 minds to witness them should do so; you won't be disappointed.  OK, so the music isn't brilliant, but the enthusiasm during the performance is 100% - That's what punk is all about isn't it?