(from This Patch of Land) –

We did a couple more chaotic shows as a three piece before Cumi took over on vocals, joining us initially for an encore supporting Alan Holmes’ pre-ish-Fflaps outfit, The Lungs. They played a thunderous set that got a bit monotonous due to its length, but like Alan’s other band they were way ahead of their time and listening to their songs twenty years on, they sound refreshing and bang up to date! Alan has fond memories of this project, ‘[It was] my only real experience of being a “front man”, which I think I carried off quite adequately. We were once described as “like Johnny Cash on speed”, which we were quite proud of.’

With Tim Parry on bass and Maeyc Hewitt on drums The Lungs were returning to the venue where they made their live debut almost a year before. Their history stretched eighteen months and twenty-four gigs and ended in July 1988 at the Jazz Room in Bangor where, apart from Salford and Leicester with Anhrefn they rarely ventured beyond their home city. The advent of Fflaps put paid to The Lungs’ existence and they collapsed, much to the annoyance of Gary CUT, ‘They were simply wonderful. If only Alan had concentrated on this band instead of the Fflaps who knows what might have happened. Alan was in his element with The Lungs and it showed every time they played live.’

Alan did briefly breathe a little life back into them in 1992 for a handful of local gigs and released a retrospective CD ‘Bloody Hell, It’s The Lungs’ on his own Central Slate label. Maeyc would end up with Alan in Ectogram.

(from 4Q Diaries) –

By the end of October & after numerous rehearsals Neil, Wayne & Paul decided that Budgie wasn’t going to make the grade. 4Q were taking themselves seriously! ‘I didn’t have the heart to tell him.’ Said Neil. ‘And when faced with it I told him that we had decided to split up, which was a stupid thing really as there were posters due to go up for the next gig.’
Neil wanted long time fan Cumi Pants to be the singer but Paul wasn’t at all keen on the idea. Previous to this Neil had approached Nic of NRG to play guitar with Mr.Crud taking over on vocals, but Nic didn’t like the thought of his guitar & himself getting covered in gob.

The 5 weeks prior to this gig was the band’s 1st low. Neil & Paul (the founders) found refuge in NRG, a heavy rock covers band with Paul on drums & Neil on vocals. Wayne being the odd one out didn’t like this arrangement, he never said so himself, but his girlfriend made it quite clear. NRG were alright for a laugh, Nic on guitar & JJ on bass saw Neil & Paul in a unique position; playing live with real music! They went through a repertoire of AC/DC covers.

Then 4Q, or 3Q. I had visions of another Corwen & another ban which was the last time these 3 got on stage together in this form, but it wasn’t to be. Maybe the last 5 weeks had taken the stuffing out of them. Neil’s guitar had lost a string before he picked it up & not being the type to carry spare strings with him, he borrowed the Lungs’ guitar instead. The band were subdued & you only knew it was 4Q playing because the music was awful, worse than the early gigs. Were they purposely playing that bad?
Even a boisterous audience couldn’t really perk the lads up, there was a moment when someone got the whole crowd in stitches by shouting; ‘Neil you’re just a fucking bloody tampax.’ But Neil simply replied; ‘Tampax?’

There was even tension between Neil & Wayne which had never been seen before, when Wayne said; ‘Get a load of the wanker on guitar in Trax.’ Only he meant it. The night though was saved when the band encored with The Scraps song Alcoloos & 5 or 6 punters including Cumi got up to sing it. 4Q immediately went into Nein Werk & Cumi remained on stage to sing it. the cast had been set & Cumi was installed as 4Q’s new vocalist. Neil said afterwards; ‘I always get my own way in the end.’
The end of the show still had a bad feeling between the band though, Cumi replying to abuse being hurled at him from Wayne’s girlfriend shouted; ‘F*ck off Michelle you f*cking scrotum.’ Which had Wayne squaring up to him. At the end of the song Paul was so annoyed at Neil & Wayne’s lack of musicianship that he performed the final drum roll by stabbing his sticks through all the drum skins & kicking the kit across the stage., and briefly quitting the band.