4Q“, a Colwyn Bay based hardcore punk/thrash metal band, make their local debut at the Imperial Hotel on Sunday evening. The band will be supporting French thrash metal band the Scraps & hardcore act the Flaps.

“4Q” are Neil Crud, guitar; Paul Puke, drums; Wayne, bass; & Edi Film Star. vocals. Although I’ll admit that after seeing Slayer live in April the idea of the “big time” thrash metal seems to me to be an excuse to make a lot of noise & a lot of money.  But 4Q have far different ideals. “We started the band a while ago as we were all on the dole at the time & desperately wanted to get something done. We all like hardcore bands & some American thrash music but we are not just into the idea of the band, we want to get gigs going on a regular basis in North Wales as there really is very little happening in the area,” said Neil Crud. The band want to help bring in bands from outside the area & also get gigs for local groups. As well as this they also organise a regular fanzine called “Crud.”
…although I am definately not a fan of the style of music the band play they deserve credit for having a go & trying to help others along the way.

Chris White