The very first issue was a prototype of CRUD #1, & was drafted up in November 1986, Myself, Edi Filmstar & Wayne started pasting up & because of limited access to Edi’s mum’s typewriter, a lot of the zine was handwritten.  When I received a letter, SAE & £1 from someone out of the blue asking for a copy of the fanzine I photocopied the hand written prototype I had & sent it to him.  He was Huw Prestatyn, & owns (or owned) the only existing copy of CRUD #0.

CRUD #1 arrived on January 12th, 1987.  Me & Edi had had a bit of a scuffle on our coinciding birthday & he lost interest in the zine, so Wayne contributed & footed half the photocopying bill of £84.  200 copies were produced.
The zine at the time was brilliant, at last!  I had done something, something I could hold up in years to come & remember, & say; ‘I did that!’  And of course 26 years later, here I am on the Net telling you all!  And how things changed from that day to now, as you will soon find out…

A month & 2 days later, myself & Wayne had sold nearly 100 copies of the zine, been reviewed in the local paper & had an appraisal on BBC Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire programme, where the narrator, Fenny, described it as ‘a little pearly.’
On Valentine’s Day 1987, myself, Wayne, Edi, Uncle Bowler & Dae Goth took the train from Colwyn Bay in North Wales to Manchester, where ALIEN SEX FIEND were entertaining the crowd & where we sold the remaining copies of the fanzine, & more significantly, one of the purchasers was Jill The Ripper, who became one of the Crud Crew & a major contributor to the ‘zine.