For some stupid reason during my late teens I used to go to Scooter Rallies and All Nighters.  Nothing wrong with that, but when you’re sporting a green mohican haircut & there’s 500 Mods / Soullboys sporting Harringtons and sta-press trousers in the building you can perhaps see why it was stupid.  I didn’t get much hassle, I suppose my size kept them guessing.  I was at one of these rallies with Spike (who had a pink mohican) & Tony (who was a 5’2″ black dude with a capital D).  Me & Spike were getting the bad vibes from the Mods & Tony was getting nasty glances from a group of skinheads.  Tony (once the star of Crimewatch) always wanted to get ‘NF’ tattooed on his tongue so he could pull it at people who gave him hassle because of his creed. It was only after hanging out with Tony that I became aware of how racist some people could be; the comments, the snide remarks, some even hissed at him in the street. On this night though, Tony not only had myself & Spike as allies, he had Desmond Dekker as well.  We thought they were related as Desmond kept referring to Tony as ‘brother’, but Tony explained that this was the boys from the hood language.  I did manage to wind the skins up by dancing in the middle of their circle like an ostrich to the peace loving sounds of Skrewdriver.