The question that always niggles my tiny mind is, what would’ve Bauhaus sounded like if they had’nt’ve fallen out with each other? My guess is that they’d’ve been a lot harder than L+R, I think Pete Murphy added that edge, that sense of aggression to the line up, whereas the rest of them are quite content to mellow with age, inhale the drug & let it lay you back. I’m not complaining; Love & Rockets are a superb band & one I still play a lot today; particularly this CD; their 2nd. There’s not a dull moment to be had & this is ranked way up there with the big boys (with my Bauhaus collection actually). Coupled with the extra tracks taken from singles; Ball Of Confusion, a Stateside hit (where the band made a good living), the excellent Holiday On The Moon which, as a song is over by the 6th line, but they repeat that last line about 30 times, taking you on a trip of weightlessness. The CD version also features a different version of Ying & Yang – another great track, I could go on forever; every song has it’s moment & every song has a place in my heart.