My 1st experience of L+R came from a Cherry Red Records sampler LP which was called £1.99, which I bought for the said price, because it was cheap and I lived in a bedsit. On it was a track called Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love & Rockets, I was, & still am haunted by this track & yearn for the minutes to drag even longer when it’s playing. I was aware that L+R were once Bauhaus, who I had discovered properly as they were in demise; OK so I had a copy of Bela, just like every young punk had, & I’d seen them perform Ziggy on Top Of The Pops, but I saw L+R as something other than the 3 guys out of Bauhaus, which is exactly what they were; that’s, something other than the 3 guys out of Bauhaus. The Haunted song IS the outstanding track on an LP littered with Kevin Haskins’ new electronic drum kit (no doubt a Christmas present), & a hangover from the Tones On Tail yuletide party.