I saw Bad Manners at a scooter rally in Castle Donnington. I had a green mohican haircut & turned up at this Mod Rally having just taken an acid tab. Just as the nasty stuff was kicking in & I faced 30,000 people, the PA pleaded with the crowd at the front of the stage to clear the way for an ambulance to get through as someone had just been glassed in the throat & was losing a lot of blood. Just what I needed to start me off eh! I went down with some mates & a girl called Psycho-Sandra who was trying to lure me into bed, only she copped off with some rockabilly bloke who kept telling me Punk was dead. So if that’s not enough to put you off taking drugs like it was for me then I’m afraid there’s no turning back for you.
The Gents opened the show, a mod band – I hated mod bands back then, and I remember them getting pelted with mud, which is what I’d’ve done if I wasn’t off my tits.

Bad Manners were great, even if it was pouring with rain.