Ian Gomm of the band says, ‘I can remember it took ages to drive from our communal house in Beaconsfield just outside London to Colwyn Bay, it was a round trip of 460 miles and they hadn’t even built the M40 back then! My wife remembers me telling her when we got back of how you could see the sea through the planks in the floor and of how odd it felt to be playing above the sea at night. The year 1973 was also when Paul McCartney chose the Brinsley Schwarz group to be the support act for his Wings “Red Rose Speedway Tour” first two UK tours since The Beatles. We seemed to be playing nearly all of the time so please forgive me if I can’t remember any more.’

He continues, ‘My wife and I relocated to Mid Wales in 1975 where we have lived for the last 37 years. All of our four children learnt Welsh at school so perhaps that night at the Dixieland at Colwyn Bay Pier had more of an influence on my life than I knew at the time!’